With several decades of experience with CFD, we are your professional partner for your all your CFD problems providing real solutions. Read more about the benefits of Computational Fluid Dynamics: Why CFD?

We offer comprehensive consulting and support for establishing a CFD workflow based on Caelus or OpenFOAM® in your company. From selecting the right tools, to implementation into your infrastructure or training of your engineers we will accompany you step by step. The advantages of using open-source CFD are described here.

We can also help in transitioning to Caelus or OpenFOAM® from commercial CFD software with activities such as:

  • Analysis of your current CFD workflow.
  • Definition of a new Caelus/OpenFOAM® process.
  • Assistance to configuring Caelus/OpenFOAM® to give the same results as the commercial CFD software you are replacing.
  • Customisation of Caelus/OpenFOAM® according to your requirements.
  • Addition of new features into Caelus/OpenFOAM®
  • Implementation of the new Caelus/OpenFOAM® process in your company.

The Caelus/OpenFOAM® libraries can simulate anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, turbulence and heat transfer, to solid dynamics, electro-magnetics and the pricing of financial options. Do not hesitate to tell us about your requirements so we can tailor a solution that suits your needs.

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