In addition to the traditional service products, Applied CCM offers a technology subscription which includes access to an industrial suites of solvers and applications. This suite of applications is compatible with Caelus and the OpenFOAM® library. Some notable technologies are:

  • Semi Linear Implicit Method (SLIM) is a new transient solver for both incompressible and compressible flows with superior performance and scalability compared to traditional pressure-based implicit transient solvers.

SLIM has superior parallel scalability over traditional transient solvers

  • A surface-based adjoint solver that provides both sensitivity magnitude and direction. It’s time-symmetry preserving, semi-discrete nature possesses the benefits of many traditional adjoint approaches while removing the drawbacks.
Adjoint surface sensitivities on a V8 Supercar showing both magnitude and direction

Adjoint surface sensitivities on a V8 Supercar showing both magnitude and direction


Software and Installation Support

  • Permanent installation of all Applied CCM related software including custom codes and methods on customer’s hardware
  • Access to Applied CCM documentation and tutorials

Services and Technical Support

  • Support from a suitably qualified Applied CCM engineer that can be used for:
    • Direct user support of Applied CCM software
    • Training on Applied CCM methods
    • Installation and IT support of Applied CCM software
    • General support using Applied CCM software
    • Advice on best practice and methodologies
    • Testing of installation, codes and methods
  • Guaranteed 2 business day response to support inquiries


  • Free attendance for a pre-determined number of users once per calendar at any pre-scheduled Applied CCM training. Travel and accommodations costs not included.


  • Applied CCM will update software as needed, usually on a bi-annual basis facilitated by an Applied CCM software repository

Please contact us to find out more and how to get access to it.

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