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Applied CCM Pty Ltd is the distributor of CFDEM® workbench in Australia. DCS Computing is the developer of CFDEM® workbench, a DEM simulation workflow application that is underpinned by LIGGGHTS®, an open-source DEM engine also developed by DCS Computing.  Additionally, DCS Computing offers the CFDEM®coupling framework which combines CFD and DEM to model coupled fluid-granular systems. CFDEM® workbench is the flagship commercial product for DCS Computing.

Core Competencies

DCS Computing provides CAE software products in the field of DEM and flow simulation. These are built around 3 areas of core competencies and excellence: engineering solutions, open source software development, and computational flow modelling.

Engineering Solutions: CFDEM® workbench

CFDEM® workbench makes the LIGGGHTS® DEM engine more accessible to engineers and researchers. It enables the engineer to better incorporate particle flow simulations into their engineering processes. Such as chutes, hoppers and silos, feeders, mixers and blenders, feeding and filling processes and many other processes that deal with particles. CFDEM® workbench takes the guess work out of process optimization.

The CFDEM® workbench process includes:

  • Geometry creation or import (IGES, STEP)
  • Meshing with a variety of algorithms
  • DEM simulation setup
  • DEM simulation run
  • Post-processing and data analysis
  • CFDEM® workbench is based on the mature and industrial verified DEM engine, LIGGGHTS®.
CFDEM workbench workflow for the LIGGGHTS DEM framework
CFDEM workbench workflow for the LIGGGHTS DEM framework

Open Source: LIGGGHTS® and CFDEM® coupling

Developing software for numerical simulation naturally involves software development. DCS Computing is committed to delivering state-of-the-art open source software; the DEM engine LIGGGHTS® and CFD-DEM library CFDEM® coupling. Both are distributed under an open-source license (GPL). The open source license implies that investments into the software are protected – usage is not restricted, including for commercial purpose.

Research and Development

DCS Computing are committed to providing a suite of numerical models for fluid flow and particulate flows, to a degree which reflects both the necessary complexity to extract the physical core phenomenon and the necessary simplicity to allow large-scale simulations. They achieve this through fundamental research cooperation with academic institutions and partnership in EU level research projects.

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