The fastest way of achieving proficiency in numerical modelling is a customised training program. Customers benefit from tutoring and advice on software tools and suitability for their specific applications. A range of training styles including traditional lectures, hands-on tutorials and custom one-to-one tutoring is available. Training topics range from basic introductions through to advanced courses for more experienced clients.

Upcoming Classes


OpenFOAM Standard TBA Montreal, Quebec  $1250 CDN + tax  Contact Us
OpenFOAM Standard with Master Class TBA Calgary, Canada  $1250 CDN + tax  Contact Us
OpenFOAM Standard 25th-26th September 2018 Melbourne, AUS  $1320 inc GST AUD
OpenFOAM Advanced TBA Melbourne, AUS  $1320 inc GST AUD   Contact Us


OpenFOAM® Standard Course

This class is suitable for those with or without prior experience using OpenFOAM®. It includes a basic overview of the library, including thorough discussion of the fundamentals of the library, discretization schemes, linear solver settings and case set up. Using demonstrations and hands-on experience, OpenFOAM® Standard training includes:

  • Discussion of basic commands and utilities
  • Overview of the OpenFOAM library
  • Review of the finite volume method
  • Discretization and linear solver set up guide
  • 4 hands-on examples
  • Best practices for case set up

Note: Training includes snacks and lunch.

Pointwise Standard Course

This class is suitable for those with or without prior experience using Pointwise. It includes a full overview of the program, including thorough coverage of the graphical user interface style, interaction and customization. Using demonstrations and hands-on experience, Pointwise Standard training includes

  • Database creation
  • Creating structured grids
  • Creating unstructured grids
  • Extruded grids and hybrid topologies
  • Edit, dimension and distribution commands, and more
  • Solid Meshing and modeling
  • T-Rex (anisotropic tetrahedral meshing)
  • Glyph 2 scripting

Pointwise Standard Courses in our Melbourne, AUS and Ottawa, CAN offices are free for customers with current maintenance. Note: Training includes snacks and lunch. If you are a non-Pointwise customer and would like to register for a course contact us for more information.

Training at Your Site

We will be happy to arrange training at your site, working with you to customize classes to meet your specific needs. Note: training facilities, including workstations, will be your responsibility. Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does the course last?

The OpenFOAM standard class is 2 days long. The Pointwise standard class is 3 days long. On-site classes can be tailored to meet your needs.

What are the hours?

Our classes usually run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day. We ask trainees to arrive between 8:30 9:00 a.m. so we can get everyone registered the first day. Coffee, tea and snacks are provided so many people spend this time eating and getting to know the other trainees.

The classes can end early on one or more days, depending on class discussion and additional problems trainees may have questions about. Whenever we do finish early, we use that time to work with trainees on applications and questions they bring to class. We are happy to provide personalized advice for your own cases and find this helps cement what is learned in class.

I am an advanced user. Will I be bored?

Our classes cover beginning to advanced topics with instruction tailored to the experience level of the class. Advanced users typically find the review of the basics in the class beneficial and pick up time-saving techniques they didn’t know before, while learning how to incorporate more advanced capabilities into their processes.

We also offer an advanced OpenFOAM® course that deals with such topics as advanced C++ features, OpenFOAM® library architecture, pressure-velocity coupling, writing a new solver, writing a new turbulence model and writing a new boundary condition. Contact us for more information and possible dates.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel a confirmed training reservation no later than seven calendar days prior to the start of the course. If you cancel after that time or fail to attend, your credit card will be charged the standard fee.

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