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Why us- we bridge the divide between University and IndustryApplied CCM focuses on identifying and developing the most important CFD capabilities that improve our users’ productivity and bottom line. How do we identify these capabilities? We listen to what our users tell us they value most, and to how they can use the technology to differentiate their own products in the market. Many of these technologies are part of our industrial hardened derivative of OpenFOAM® called Caelus. A few others, such as our transient solver and overset library, are provided through our technology subscription.

Local presence

We provide local CFD expertise through on-site visits, training sessions and workshops near you. As one of few open-source CFD companies, in Australia, we understand the dynamics and needs of local engineering businesses.

Response time

Our technical support team has an average email response time of less than 1 hour, delivering a same-day turnaround response. Phone, web and onsite visits consultations can be arranged.


Our engineers have an average of 15 years experience developing and applying CFD to industrial applications. Customers speak to experienced support representatives whom they already know.


In the last few years, using internal funding, Applied CCM has developed major CFD capabilities such as overset, optimisation and uncertainty quantification techniques. All are unique to the OpenFOAM®-based CFD market.


CFD solvers based on open-source technology have no per-seat or parallel licensing costs. Unlimited software utilization enables higher hardware utilization. On average the total cost of ownership of open-source software is 25-50% lower than the equivalent proprietary software (sources: Information Week, Forresters, Robert Francis Group)

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