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consulting - we provide answersWith decades of experience with CFD, we are your professional partner for your all your CFD consulting needs providing real solutions. If you are new to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and want to read more about its benefits then you can find more information at our page Why CFD?

We provide comprehensive consulting and support for both open source and proprietary software. From selecting the right tools, to implementation into your infrastructure or training of your engineers we will accompany you step by step. If you are unsure whether you should be using open source or proprietary software then you should read our page on Deciding between Open Source and Proprietary software.


Open Source and Proprietary consulting

We utilise a combination of open source (Caelus/OpenFOAM/CFDEM Coupling/ Liggghts ) and proprietary (ANSYS CFX/Fluent) tools. Allowing us to provide analysis for many fluid flow problems involving liquids, gases and solids. Our staff have in-depth experience assessing and solving real world engineering problems with CFD covering the areas of:

  • Laminar/turbulent steady state and transient flow,
  • Incompressible/compressible flow,
  • Heat transfer analysis, including CHT,
  • Stationery and moving domains (including rotation),
  • Multiphase modeling with all types of phase interactions (liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, liquid-solid and gas-solid),
  • Chemical reactions and combustion,
  • Dense phase effects using DEM and CFD/DEM modelling.

Want to do the analysis in-house?

We can also help in transitioning to Caelus or OpenFOAM® from proprietary CFD software with activities such as:

  • Analysis of your current CFD workflow.
  • Definition of a new Caelus/OpenFOAM® process.
  • Assistance to configuring Caelus/OpenFOAM® to give the same results as the proprietary CFD software you are replacing.
  • Customisation of Caelus/OpenFOAM® according to your requirements.
  • Addition of new features into Caelus/OpenFOAM®
  • Implementation of the new Caelus/OpenFOAM® process in your company.

The Caelus/OpenFOAM® libraries can simulate anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, multiphase, turbulence and heat transfer, to solid dynamics, and electro-magnetics.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your requirements so we can tailor a solution that suits your needs.

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