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Pointwise Mesh Generation Foundations – Online Training

The course provides a full overview of the software, including thorough instruction on the GUI, interaction and customization. Most lectures in the course are accompanied by work along with files, allowing you to get that hands-on experience just as you would attending an in-person course. And better still, you can work through the lectures at your pace, or even substitute in your own cases to experiment on. The course includes:

  • Introduction to the Pointwise Interface and Terminology
  • Manipulating and selecting Pointwise entities in an efficient manner
  • CAD Import and preparation for meshing using Fault Tolerant and Solid Meshing
  • Creation of analytical CAD surfaces
  • Creating and smoothing 2D and 3D structured meshes
  • Examining structured mesh quality metrics
  • Troubleshooting common structured mesh quality issues
  • Creating 2D and 3D isotropic unstructured grids
  • Setting up 2D and 3D viscous unstructured and hybrid meshes with T-Rex
  • Introduction to creating extruded structured and unstructured grids to form hybrid topologies
  • Examining unstructured and hybrid mesh quality metrics
  • Troubleshooting common unstructured and hybrid mesh quality issues
  • Modifying grids with Edit, Dimension and Distribute commands, and more

Pointwise Mesh Generation Online Training is conducted by Pointwise Inc.  – Enrol today.

OpenFOAM Training

Applied CCM no longer conducts OpenFOAM training in Australia. If you are interested in OpenFOAM training in Canada or the USA please contact Applied CCM Canada.

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