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Applied CCM provides development services for Caelus, OpenFOAM® and ANSYS Fluent users, including:

  • Customised library extensions,
  • Additional functionality,
  • New solvers,
  • Workflows.

Our experience covers the areas of

  • Single phase flows, incompressible and compressible,
  • Multiphase,
  • Block coupled solvers,
  • Optimisation,
  • Uncertainty quantification,
  • Complex heat and mass transfer,
  • Tackling completely novel numerical continuum mechanics problems.

When making a decision on your needs, please consider the blog – Deciding between Open Source and Proprietary CFD software written by Dr Darrin Stephens  which discusses Open Source and Propriety CFD Software.

Applied CCM Development And Support Will Help Find The Right Solution To Your Problem


The need to develop in-house expertise often drives the choice to use open source CFD. Resulting from requirements for improved accuracy, control or confidentiality. Custom modelling and fast turn-over are best achieved by combining the understanding of available tools and the problem under consideration. Applied CCM is a premier provider of support for Caelus and OpenFOAM® offering custom-made packages that take into account the size and nature of your business.

Applied CCM engineers can provide support for:

  • Application of Caelus and OpenFOAM® to your problems
  • Training on Caelus and OpenFOAM®
  • Installation of Caelus and OpenFOAM® software
  • General support using Caelus and OpenFOAM® software
  • Advice on best practice and methodologies
  • Testing of installation, applications and methods

Applied CCM provides first line support for all the products we distribute.

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