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Applied CCM Pty Ltd was founded in 2011 by Dr Darrin Stephens to service the computational needs of the Oceania region. Darrin has more than 18 years engineering experience and has an interest in contributing high quality innovations to the field of open-source Computational Continuum Mechanics (CCM).

In January 2015, Applied CCM Canada was launched by Dr Chris Sideroff.

Applied CCM specialises in the application, support and development of CFD and related technologies

Our mission is to:

  • Improve our customer’s efficiency and profitability by delivering innovative Computational Mechanics solutions.
  • Provide advanced CFD services for analysis, design and product improvement.
  • Provide high quality CFD education
  • Building long term client relationships while exercising transparency, mutual respect and trust.
  • Engage with customers as their Technology partner.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Provision of development and support services for users of open source (OpenFOAM based) and proprietary (ANSYS) CFD technologies.
  • Conducting CFD analyses for customers.
  • Conducting high quality training courses.
  • Undertaking internal Research and Development.
  • Development and maintenance of the open source library Caelus.

Along with consulting, development, training and support services the company offers a technology subscription service which includes access to an industrial strength suite of solvers and applications derived from the Caelus/OpenFOAM® libraries.

Managing Director ( Founder)

darrin_photo400pxDr. Stephens earned his mechanical engineering B.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees from James Cook University in Townsville, Australia. He has an extensive background in modelling a range of complex reacting multiphase flows and led the development of CFD models for a number of industrial unit processes allowing re-design and optimisation, improving throughput and efficiencies. He is the managing director and principal research engineer at Applied CCM Pty Ltd an engineering software development company providing innovative, cost effective open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions. View some of Darrin’s work here.

Darrin is a co-developer of Caelus and has professional expertise involving:

  • Over 18+ years experience with CFD including extensive use of and providing technical support for ANSYS-CFX and OpenFOAM® and Caelus,
  • Substantial knowledge of multi-phase flows,
  • Considerable knowledge and development experience with Caelus and OpenFOAM®,
  • Population balance modelling,
  • Design optimisation,
  • Uncertainty Quantification,
  • Coupled solvers,
  • Automatic differentiation,
  • Reduced order modelling,
  • HPC and GPU computing.

Managing Director of Applied CCM Canada

ChrisDr Chris Sideroff has BSc and MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. After finishing University, Chris became a HPC system engineer between ‘02-’03. In 2003 he went back to university to undertake a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Syracuse University in Syracuse, USA. He held a variety of engineering positions in petroleum and automotive industries prior to graduating with a PhD in 2009. After achieving a PhD, Chris became a Senior Technical Sales Engineer at Pointwise from ‘09-’12. In 2013 Chris migrated back to Canada were he worked for W.R. Davis Engineering until starting Applied CCM Canada in 2015. View some of Chris’s work here.

Chris is a co-developer of Caelus and has professional expertise involving:

  • 15+ years experience with CFD software including extensive use of ANSYS Fluent CFD, Gridgen/Pointwise, OpenFOAM® and Caelus,
  • Broad knowledge of aerospace and turbo-machinery fluid and thermodynamics,
  • High-speed, compressible flows and heat-transfer,
  • Automation methods for CFD pre-processing mesh generation,
  • Algorithm strategies for anisotropic and skewed meshes,
  • Work flow automation and vertical application development (w/ Python),
  • HPC and high-performance distributed storage systems.

Principal Research Affliliate

Alexandar JemcovDr Aleks Jemcov achieved a BSc, MSc, PhD in Aerospace Engineering at University of Belgrade between ‘85-’90. Aleks then became an Aerodynamics Engineer at UTVA Aircraft Factory in ‘91-’94. Soon after he became a Combustion Aerodynamics Engineer at Pratt & Whitney between ‘96-’99. He was a Development Engineer at Fluent (subsequently ANSYS) from ’99-’10,  and an independent Consultant in 2010. Aleks is now a research Assistant Professor at AME Department and Computational Scientist, CRC at the University of Notre Dame since 2011 and an Applied CCM affiliate since 2012. View some of Aleks work here.

Aleks is a co-developer of Caelus and has professional expertise involving:

  • Numerical methods for iterative solvers and linear algebra,
  • Advanced software architecture,
  • Adjoint methods and solvers,
  • Combustion instabilities,
  • OpenFOAM® and Caelus frameworks,
  • Linear algebra algorithms (AMG, Krylov subspace, preconditioners),
  • Stabilization and acceleration of non-linear algorithms,
  • Numerical flux schemes for compressible and incompressible solvers (entropy stable, dominant wave, spectral volume method, etc),
  • Multi-physics solver architecture (Steklov-poincare and fixed point approach),
  • High order discretization for multi-scale computing (e. g.discontinuous Galerkin),
  • Multidisciplinary optimization architecture,
  • Reduced order models.
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