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Applied CCM is the distributor of Pointwise products in Australian and New Zealand. Pointwise is solving one of the top problems facing engineering analysts today: grid generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and other numerical simulations. The company has been a premier supplier of grid generation software and services to the engineering analysis community since 1994.  With its decades of expertise in development, support, and application of robust software for real-world meshing challenges, Pointwise has helped industry, government, and academic clients worldwide bridge the “design – analysis gap.”

Generating meshes for CFD is neither easy nor fun. But mesh generation is where you have the most direct influence on how fast, how converged and how accurate your solutions are. Because of that, you need a mesher that’s flexible, robust and reliable. That’s Pointwise.

High-Order Mesh Generation Using Pointwise
Rapid Viscous CFD Mesh Generation For Propellers
Submarine Mesh

Meshing is Better with Pointwise


Mesh quality is the key to converged and accurate CFD solutions especially for viscous flows over complex geometry. With Pointwise, you get all the tools you need to achieve the desired results – high levels of automation plus intimate levels of control. Pointwise’s structured quad/hex grid techniques are the best available and the T-Rex technique for hybrid prism/tet meshes automates the rapid meshing of complex shapes. Pointwise even lets you move grid points one at a time if that’s what you need.


Our commitment to your success only begins with the software. Whether you encounter a technical issue or just need advice to get the most from Pointwise, we are ready to help. Support and training are included with every license. We generate more than just grids – we have expertise running open-source and commercial CFD solvers and can provide meshing advice for your particular solver and application.


Pointwise can import CAD data from native and standard formats, work with both analytic (i.e. NURBS) and faceted (e.g. STL) geometry representations, and ensure that your geometry is watertight and ready to mesh with solid modelling and quilting. Making geometry models suitable for CFD meshing is often a time-consuming bottleneck in CFD analysis. To understand why this is so and some ways to alleviate the problems, read the Preparation of Geometry Models for Mesh Generation and CFD page on the Pointwise website.


learn more about the preparation of geometry models for mesh generation and CFD

Once the mesh is complete it can be exported to Caelus, OpenFOAM and a wide variety of other open-source, commercial, and standard CFD formats. And if Pointwise doesn’t have built-in support for your CFD solver, you can add your own exporter with Pointwise’s plugin capability.

Pointwise supports most desktop operating systems used by CAE engineers. The application supports each platform’s native look-and-feel and provides 3-D graphics through the OpenGL industry standard. Pointwise’s native project file is portable across all supported platforms.

Pointwise is supported in 64-bit on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. An up to date list of supported versions can be found here.


Pointwise’s Tcl-based scripting language, Glyph, provides customisation capabilities for both the experienced analyst and the design engineer. The meshing process can be customised for your particular class of configurations.

Applied CCM has expertise developing Glpyh scripts from simple utilities to complete meshing automation.
Applied CCM has expertise developing Glpyh scripts from simple utilities to complete meshing automation.

The Glyph’s commands cover the entire range of functionality available in Pointwise’s GUI, allowing tricks and special techniques to be captured and made part of your organisation’s intellectual property. Users will appreciate the fact that Glyph can be used to create customised meshing applications for specific configurations, allowing them to automatically generate a mesh and apply CFD.

Pointwise maintains the Glyph Script Exchange, an online repository of scripts. These freely available scripts not only immediately provide you with new capabilities, but can form the basis for new scripts through your editing and updating. They are a great learning tool.

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