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Cyclone streamlines

Cyclone simulation and validation using Caelus

Abstract Cyclone separators play a dominant role in the industrial separation of dilute particles from an incoming gas flow. The incoming flow enters tangentially and accelerates on its way down…

Lagrangian particles illustrating bubble positions with a contour surface showing free surface location at different times in simulation

Bubble Column – Euler-Lagrange Large Eddy Simulations

Abstract Bubble column reactors are widely used in the chemical and biochemical process industries, but numerous examples can be found in petroleum, pharmaceutical, agricultural, biochemical, food, electronic, and power-generation industries.…

Square cylinder - projection method

Projection Method Fast Transient Solver

Abstract Fast transient solution of incompressible turbulent flows still occupy a dominant place in engineering computations. Majority of the solvers that use finite volume method on unstructured meshes with the…

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