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Velocity correction - compressible Ladenburg jet temperature contours

Velocity Correction Scheme for All Speed Flows

Abstract We present a velocity correction scheme that is suitable for the simulation of the broad range of Mach number flows. The scheme is based on the primitive variable no-iterative…

Caelus numerical schemes

Improvements to numerical schemes in Caelus

Abstract The Caelus library is a general purpose numerical framework for the solution of the continuum mechanics problems. The framework is a derivative of the OpenFOAM® library with an emphasis…

Cyclone streamlines

Cyclone simulation and validation using Caelus

Abstract Cyclone separators play a dominant role in the industrial separation of dilute particles from an incoming gas flow. The incoming flow enters tangentially and accelerates on its way down…

Square cylinder - projection method

Projection Method Fast Transient Solver

Abstract Fast transient solution of incompressible turbulent flows still occupy a dominant place in engineering computations. Majority of the solvers that use finite volume method on unstructured meshes with the…

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