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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Import and Export Plugins

Pointwise, Inc., the choice for CFD meshing, announced a new white paper, “The Ultimate Guide to Writing Import and Export Plugins,” that will help you fully integrate Pointwise into your workflow by customizing it with your file formats.

Pointwise plugins

One of the most frequent requests that Pointwise receives is to add native import and export capability for a grid file format. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the workday to fulfill all of these requests. For that reason, a plugin capability has been made available so you can easily write your own importer or exporter.

A plugin is an independently produced, binary compatible library that can be loaded and used selectively by an application to extend its functionality. For Pointwise, plugins give you the ability to add support for importing or exporting grid data from almost any file format. This functionality integrates seamlessly into both the Pointwise graphical user interface and the Pointwise Glyph scripting language. Deploying a Pointwise plugin is as simple as dropping the finished plugin library file into the plugins directory of your Pointwise installation.

Discover how to:

  • Write a plugin to export mesh, boundary condition, volume condition, and other data from Pointwise to your flow solver’s format.
  • Write a plugin to read any unstructured mesh into Pointwise.
  • Write a plugin to read any structured grid into Pointwise.

To download the paper go to:

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