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Applied CCM Canada

While I have been lurking in the background, helping out Applied CCM the past, today I am officially announcing the launch of my company Applied CCM Canada. I started Applied CCM Canada to service the computational needs of Canada. My interests and efforts will be mutually aligned with Darrin and Applied CCM Pty Ltd. Discover more about Applied CCM here:

Applied CCM Canada is also partnering with Pointwise, makers of the industry leading, independent CFD meshing software, to distribute Pointwise products and services in Canada.

I am excited to be doing all things Applied CCM and Caelus and hopefully you can look forward to more posts from me about our efforts in the computational mechanics world.

Chris Sideroff
Applied CCM Canada
2125 Dutton Cr.
Ottawa, ON, Canada
+1 613 276 7472

  • Darrin Stephens
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