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Pointwise for Aerospace CFD Workshop 2020

In 2020 we are conducting a “Pointwise for Aerospace CFD Workshop”. Details are below.

Title: Pointwise for Aerospace CFD Workshop

Date/time: Monday 20th April 2020, from 09:30 – 16:30pm AEST

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Register : here

The workshop will contain live, interactive demonstrations of Pointwise focusing on:

  • The Nida glider, 
  • Structured meshing with the Lockheed Martin 1021 low boom supersonic transport aircraft, 
  • Glyph scripting with an aerospace example, 
  • Overset meshing 
  • Mesh adaption for aircraft wake dominated flows with Python, Pointwise and Caelus
  • Future developments including:
    • Goal-oriented surface meshing,
    • Higher order meshing, and
    • Desktop performance enhancements.

In addition, a technical background information will be presented about how meshing techniques were developed and why. Honing in many years of experience in Pointwise

Attendance is free, however registration is required. Attendees do not need to be Pointwise or Applied CCM customers.

Pointwise Aerospace History

Pointwise meshing software was born out of the aerospace industry in the 1980s. It was initially funded by the United States Air Force, NASA Langley and Ames Research Centers. The software has been applied to almost every major military aircraft and spacecraft in the past 30 years. These include the F-16, F-15, F-18, F-22, F-35, F-117, B-2, E-2C, P-3C, Space Shuttle, Space Station and more

Pointwise reduces the number of computational cells needed for aerospace CFD simulations. It has the ability to generate high aspect ratio cells, critical to resolve high Reynolds number boundary layer flows. Furthermore, allowing a great deal of control over the mesh details and quality, making it easy switching between structured, unstructured surfaces and volume meshes

Example of a mesh used in the Pointwise for Aerospace CFD Workshop
General News
1. Applied CCM Named Pointwise Distributor of the Year – 2019
2. Pointwise for Aerospace CFD Workshop 2020
3. Symposium on OpenFOAM® Technology 2020
4. AFMC2020 – 22nd Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
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