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Applied CCM Announces Partnership with DCS Computing

MELBOURNE, AUS and OTTAWA, CAN (01 December 2017) Applied CCM Pty Ltd and Applied CCM Canada have announced partnership agreements with DCS Computing for worldwide sales and support of CFDEM®workbench.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Applied CCM Pty Ltd and Applied CCM Canada.” said Christoph Goniva, managing partner of DCS Computing GmbH.

“They have many years of experience and considerable expertise with industrial-scale CFD applications, which has enabled them to best understand how engineers can deploy simulation technologies. We are looking forward to working with them to help organizations integrate state-of-the-art DEM capability with CFDEM®workbench into their processes.”

CFDEM workbench simulation: Blast furnace, Particle mixer, Rotary dryer. DCS Computing
CFDEM workbench simulation: Blast furnace, Particle mixer, Rotary dryer

DCS Computing is the developer of CFDEM®workbench, a DEM simulation workflow application that is underpinned by LIGGGHTS®, an open-source DEM engine also developed by DCS Computing.  Additionally, DCS Computing offer the open-source CFDEM®coupling framework which combines CFD and DEM to model coupled fluid-granular systems. More information are available on its web site,

“The partnership with DCS Computing is a continuation of our strategy to provide state-of-the-art simulation software to tackle industrial-relevant applications,” said Dr. Darrin Stephens, Applied CCM Pty Ltd principal director. “By adding CFDEM®workbench to our software portfolio, we are able to offer customers a more comprehensive suite of best-in-class simulation products. CFDEM®workbench is one of the best DEM solutions for customers who really care about the quality of their results as well as future-proofing their digital processes.”

“We see an unanswered demand in the simulation market for more capable DEM approaches, so Applied CCM Canada is excited to be partnering with DCS Computing,” said Dr. Chris Sideroff, principal director. “We did extensive market research and determined CFDEM®workbench was the DEM software the would best fulfill our customers current and future needs. We also liked the fact that the LIGGGHTS® engine is a well-established DEM framework.”

Applied CCM Pty Ltd was founded in 2011 to support new and current users in the field of computational continuum mechanics by providing development, training and support and expanding the use of OpenFOAM®-based technologies in the academic and industrial communities. Applied CCM Canada, a partner with Applied CCM Pty. in Australia, was founded in 2015 in Ottawa, Canada. Applied CCM is also the originator and main developer of Caelus, a fork of OpenFOAM® designed to improve the user experience and give businesses confidence that open-source CFD solutions are an excellent alternative to commercial offerings. More information about Applied CCM is available at

CFDEM® and LIGGGHTS® are registered trademarks and DCS Computing is the official producer and distributer of LIGGGHTS® and CFDEM®coupling. OpenFOAM® is a registered trademark of OpenCFD Ltd. All other trademarks are property of their respective owner.

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