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Caelus 7.04 Released

The next major version of Caelus, 7.04, was released today. This release is the largest release to date with major new capabilities in both the library as well as application-based features. Here’s a summary of the new capabilities:

  • cfMesh, a GPL meshing library from Creative Fields d.o.o. (
  • PIMPLE-based incompressible transient solver with Lagrangian particle tracking
  • Volume of Fluid (VOF) phase-fraction based solver for two incompressible, isothermal immiscible fluids with dynamic mesh motion
  • Major improvements to parallel pre-processing including the ability to decompose meshes and fields in parallel
  • New second-order gradient scheme using nodal averaged Green-Gauss, particularly beneficial for tetrahedral meshes
  • Fixes for least squares gradient (LSQ) gradient the enable second order accuracy in internal cells and boundaries
  • Corrected face tangent surface normal gradient scheme with non-orthogonal correction
  • PBiCGStab non-symmetric linear solver
  • SPAI(0) preconditioners and smoothers suitable for very large parallel applications
  • Added incompressible and compressible kEpsilon turbulence models
  • Virtual Blade Model for high fidelilty rotorcraft modeling
  • Radial Basis Function (RBF) interpolator
  • RBF mesh motion solver
  • Rigid body dynamics model to model motion of multiple independent or linked rigid bodies with suite of constraints
  • Update to Scons build system. External contribution from Shreyas Ananthan.

There is a release notes PDF available on the download page with a more detailed description: . We will be moving to annual releases for major upgrades to capabilities after this release.

Look to the source repository with 7.04 updates shortly:

If you’re not already familiar with Caelus, you can read more about it on the website. Its free and open-source. The file formats are compatible with OpenFOAM but there have been many improvements to it such that it is now moving independently in its own direction.

Stay up to date with Caelus on Twitter @caelus_cml or Facebook

Applied CCM is currently the maintainer and main developer of Caelus. If you’re interested in porting or developing your own application to Caelus, we’ll be happy to provide guidance. If you’ve developed a solver or model that you would like to include in Caelus check out the contributors repository. Any and all external contributors copyright will be kept in their contributed source files.

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