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Supercar Webinar on design with CFD

Applied CCM will present a webinar entitled “V8 Supercar design with CFD” on 21 March 2017 at 7.30pm AEDT (GMT+11).

In this webinar, discover:

    • The aerodynamic anatomy of V8 Supercars
    • How GRM use CFD to design V8 Supercars
    • How to utilise 2D T-Rex to more efficiently resolve surface curvature
    • How to automatically match unstructured and structured blocks
    • How to utilize quad dominant surface meshing to reduce boundary layer cell counts
  • How adjoint solutions were used to guide design decisions.
  • Tammy Stephens
1. Evolution of the S60 V8 Supercar Aerodynamics
2. Supercar Webinar on design with CFD
3. The evolution of CFD at Garry Rogers Motorsport
4. 2D meshing with sources in Pointwise
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