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CFD of Motorbike

Symposium on OpenFOAM® Technology 2020

It is with deep regret advise that the Symposium on OpenFOAM Technology 2020 (SOFT) scheduled to take place in Melbourne 22 April has been cancelled. The rapidly changing circumstances relating to COVID-19, combined with the recent implementation of organisational travel…

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2D meshing with sources in Pointwise

CFD simulations involving three dimensional (3D) complex geometry have become the norm. This hasn't lessened the need for two dimensional (2D) simulations. Sometimes geometry and flow are such that a 2D simulation is the most appropriate approach. An example is…

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Figure 6 - Plot of speed 30 ms later time (than Figure 5) snapshot

Horizontal wind turbine near a bridge

Background The June mesh showcases the Pointwise meshing and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of a horizontal wind turbine placed under a twin deck bridge. This case was meshed in February, however we have now added a turbine rotor near…

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Caelus 9.04 released

The next major version of Caelus, 9.04, was released today. This release focused on bring some major libraries inline with the current OpenFOAM release (v6) and improvement to the Caelus Python library. Here’s a summary of the major changes: Updated…

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