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Mesh Adaptation With Pointwise, Caelus & Python

This monthly mesh we are referring readers to our guest blog “Mesh adaptation with Python, Pointwise and Caelus”, published on Another Fine Mesh.

Mesh adaptation is one of the NASA 2030 goals and has been one area of research and development by Pointwise in past case studies and webinars. Applied CCM has also been developing mesh adaptation toolsets with Caelus (an OpenFOAM fork). The Applied CCM mesh adaptation toolset has produced adapted meshes like the wing and store pictured below. The wake past the wing, store and missile each have vorticity that refines the mesh locally via a point cloud. This avoids having to decide where to put Pointwise source shapes, and would allow the mesh to refine based on the flow characteristics and different angle of attack.

Mesh adaptation with Pointwise around a wing store

For more information about Mesh Adaptation with Pointwise, our scripts or how it works, can be watched on our webcast. If you would like to be able to script your meshing workflows as shown , you should consider switching to Pointwise. If you would like a free trial follow the link or checkout the further information on our website.

Thanks for reading, the next edition will be in April. Until then, happy meshing!

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