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Car park Ventilation CFD with Pointwise, Caelus, CFX and FDS

This monthly mesh we refer readers to our guest blog “Car park Ventilation CFD with Pointwise, Caelus, CFX and FDS”, published on Another Fine Mesh.

Design of covered car parks in Australia requires CFD modeling of carbon monoxide from car exhausts to ensure the safety of occupants. Car park design consultants often perform CFD on the carbon monoxide ventilation using FDS, which is a fire and smoke/fume modelling solver used in various industries such as building services. The goal of this research project was to use an FDS project of a typical car park. We benchmark FDS with two more mainstream, fully-featured CFD solvers Caelus (an OpenFOAM derivative) and ANSYS CFX.

Average Carbon dioxide in car park fior Caelus, FDS and CFX

Caelus was forked from OpenFOAM-2.1.1. It has been restructured to create a stronger foundation on which to build your open-source CFD solutions. The file formats are compatible but there have been many improvements to it. More information about Caelus and where to download it from can be found at Information about the SLIM solver can be found in several of our publications.

If you would like a free trial of Pointwise follow the link or checkout the further information on our website.

Thanks for reading, the next edition will be in June. Until then, happy meshing!

  • Darrin Stephens
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