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Caelus 5.10 released

The next major version of Caelus, 5.10, was released on October 26. It has been 6 months since the last release and we’ll continue to stick to our bi-annual releases with 6.04 coming next April. The big addition was compressible capabilities as well a new turbulence model class and updates to the function objects. Here’s a brief list:

  • New implicit pressure-based and explicit density-based compressible solvers
  • Multi-phase VOF solver with Lagrangian particle tracking for use with, for example, sub-grid bubble modelling
  • Very-Large Eddy Simulation (VLES) turbulence model class
  • Compressible turbulence models
  • Coherent structure LES model
  • Improved central-based interpolation schemes
  • Updates to the run-time post-processing library, function objects

There is a release notes PDF available on the download page with more descriptions.

If you’re not already familiar with Caelus, it was originally forked from OpenFOAM. You can read more about it in the original announcement post. That means its free and open-source as well. The file formats are compatible but there have been many improvements to it such that it is now moving independently in its own direction.

We are happy to answer questions, technical or otherwise, by email. You can also follow Caelus on twitter @caelus_cml

Applied CCM is currently the maintainer and main developer of Caelus. If you’re interested in porting or developing your own application to Caelus, we’ll be happy to provide guidance. If you’ve developed a solver or model that you would like to include in Caelus that can be arranged and we’ll be sure to keep your copyright in your source files.

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