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Caelus 6.10 released

In keeping with the April/October bi-annual release schedule, the next major version of Caelus, 6.10, was released today. We’ll continue to deliver bi-annual releases until at least 7.04 in April of 2017. Efforts continue to be put toward robustness and performance, with attention directed toward the linear solvers in this release. The new preconditioners/smoother are considerably more robust and yield about a 15-25% performance improvement over the existing ones. Here’s a brief list:

  • New symmetric smoother and preconditioner: SSGS
  • New non-symmstric smoother and preconditioner: USGS
  • General stability improvements for GAMG solver
  • No slip wall boundary condition for vector fields with correct treatment of discretization coefficients
  • Introduced buffer layer damping for kOmega based models suitable for separated flows
  • Curvature correction added to all kOmega based models
  • VLES models improved for better consistency in RAS limit
  • Added compressible gammaReTheta turbulence model
  • Added compressible kOmegaSST DES and DDES models
  • New pressure correction based SIMPLE solver introduced
  • New explicit density based solver with single rotating reference frame body force
  • Consistency improvements for density based solvers for LES
  • Improved explicit solver convergence reporting

There are a release notes PDF available on the download page with more descriptions.

Look to the source repository with 6.10 updates shortly:

If you’re not already familiar with Caelus, you can read more about it on the website. Its free and open-source. The file formats are compatible with OpenFOAM, there have been many improvements that it is now moving independently in its own direction.

Stay up to date with Caelus on Twitter @caelus_cml or Facebook

Applied CCM is currently the maintainer and main developer of Caelus. If you’re interested in porting or developing your own application to Caelus, we’ll be happy to provide guidance. If you’ve developed a solver or model that you would like to include in Caelus check out the contributors repository. Any and all external contributors copyright will be kept in their contributed source files.

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